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Welcome to
PZ with Lori

Where I stand by Pink Zebra's motto of,
"Change Your Fragrance, Change Lives!"

So, what is
Pink Zebra anyway?!

Pink Zebra is a new, exciting way to fragrance your space, and also offers a unique income opportunity! 
The difference truly is in the wax! Pink Zebra's eco-friendly, soy wax Sprinkles are proudly made in the USA, are cleaner and burn 30% longer than traditional wax. In addition to Sprinkles, Pink Zebra offers a line of patent pending, liquid fragrance called Soaks; think body spray to linen spray and more! Our fragrance options are optimized in our wax warmers, candle kits, and Just Add Soaks items - so many possibilities!
You can earn FREE goodies by hosting your own Blend Bash or Pink Zebra party by clicking here:

Want to earn a SWEET income, or even just some extra fun money? Pink Zebra's income opportunity is INCREDIBLE! Through the direct sales, party plan model, you can party for a living with us! You can choose to sell, sponsor, and lead if you choose, and be rewarded for your efforts each step of the way. 


We offer TWO Starter Kit options to get your business up and running! Click here to see:

Stick Your Nose In My Business

To see more of what's going on with me and the team, be sure to click the Blog link above!


I started as an Independent Consultant with Pink Zebra in October of 2013, and NEVER would I have imagined how life changing this opportunity would be!

Having been in different direct sales companies for years, I always knew leadership in direct sales and a potential full-time business were on my to-do lists. However, it wasn't until I found Pink Zebra that those goals were achieved! Quickly, I started seeing customers excited about our products! The quality, the price, the uniqueness were what drew people in, and made them stick around, Then, more people started realizing that the opportunity was fantastic, too!

As my journey here continues, I love helping people across the US and Canada realize their dreams come true over here on the Striped Side! I have worked my way through some of the leadership levels with the company, and am confident that I can partner with you to show you how to do the same!

LoriSharkey - Pink Zebra - Stick Your Nose in My Business

TWO Options to Get Started Now!

  • Starter Kit

    JUST $129 USD or $149 CAD, everything you need to get started ASAP, plus a little extra!

  • Deluxe Kit

    Your BEST Value! Get Started with a fully stocked Blend Bash Party! Immediate money back in your pocket with a FUN, new, exciting way to introduce your business to friends and family!

So Many Ways to Party!
Earn FREE Items and Host Exclusives!

Online: Let’s Party On Facebook!
On-the-Go: Take over my bag of tricks for two weeks!
Blend Bash: Think Paint Night Meets Sprinkles!

Pink Zebra - Lori Sharkey - Party-on-the-Go
Blend Bash - Party Style - Open Box

Shop Pink Zebra! And, sign-up for Scent Flirt!

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Let’s keep in touch...

... to Change Your Fragrance, Change Your Life!

Lori Sharkey

Executive Manager

(908)377-1542 call or text


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