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Have you heard about Bash Boxes Yet?!

Pink Zebra Bash Boxes - PZwithLori

We all know subscription boxes are the current hottest thing since sliced bread, right?! Maybe you get one for makeup, for clothing, for your kids…but, do you have one yet for home fragrance? That’s where Bash Boxes come in!!

Not only are Bash Boxes the BEST way to party with Pink Zebra’s Blend Bash; a few friends, a few snacks, and mixing your favorite Sprinkles recipes but Bash Boxes are NOW my newest way for you to get Sprinkles delivered to your doorstep each month!

So, what’s inside?

Pink Zebra - Open Bash Box -PZwithLori

Inside of this little pink box is a TON of product for a great value – we’ll get to that in a minute! There are THREE full, 4-oz. Blending Bags filled with your choice of Sprinkles that can be single scents or a mix of a great recipe, like below! In addition, you’ll receive 2 1-oz. Samples that coordinate to a theme of the box; you get to choose that, too! Everyone receives a 1-oz. Sample of our HEROES Hope Frosted Sugar Cookie Sprinkle which is part of our product line that gives back to Autism Speaks, and lastly a pre-Soak’d Go-Card; our liquid fragrance option. I’m also happy to say, that I add an extra Sample of our Current Paisley’s Pick, too – that’s our scent of the month!

All that sounds AMAZING, right?! But did you know, when you decide to order your Bash Box you’ll receive a 10% discount on any additional purchases for the month! Unbelievable!!

Are you ready for the infomercial addition of, “But wait! There’s More!” That’s right! When you decide to host your own Blend Bash, and introduce our Bash Boxes to your friends, you earn a FREE Bash Box! It’s EZ PZ, and everyone is loving the Pink Box Revolution happening with Pink Zebra!

So what will it cost? Your Bash Box is just $30/month SHIPPED! Three jars ordered off of my website would cost you $27 plus tax and shipping. With Bash Boxes you’re receiving just about FOUR jars for the price of three and no additional tax or shipping applies 🙂 It’s a win all around!

If you’re ready to being your Bash Box Bonanza, simply click Contact to get yours today!

Pink Zebra - What's Inside - Bash Box - PZwithLori