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September’s Paisley’s Pick!! Allllll the Pumpkin EVERYTHING!

Pink Zebra Paisley's Pick - September 2018 - Spiced Pumpkin

It’s pumpkin season, friends! It’s here, we can’t escape it so let’s embrace it!

Pink Zebra’s September’s Paisley’s Pick (that’s our scent of the month), is Spiced Pumpkin. And it’s AMAZING! Now, I’m guilty of loving all things fall, and as soon as school starts, it is pumpkin game on!

This scent epitomizes everything I love about the season: pumpkin patches, a touch of cinnamon awesomeness, and a smidge of brown sugar. It’s perfection. And, because Sprinkles can be mixed and matched to create a uniquely yours fragrance, Farm House Cider and Cassis Fruit are musts, too!

Spiced Pumpkin is available in 3.75 ounce jars for just $9 (USD), BUT it’s also our VIP Package, too. The VIP Package is EXCLUSIVE for our party hosts. With ONE party, you can earn a box full of Spiced Pumpkin goodies – a 3.75 oz. jar, a 3.75 oz. bottle of Soaks along with a Host Only Go-card, and 8.5 oz. hand soap and lotion (ONLY available in the Host Set!). To claim yours, let’s set up your party date!