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What does 47% MORE mean to you?!

Blend Bash - Party Style - Open Box


Pink Zebra just announced that our NEW Blend Bash parties are averaging at 47% higher than the traditional party. That’s a HUGE increase over what was already an amazing company average!

That means that there are more rewards for you when you host a Blend Bash party so, why are you not already booked? Booking and holding your Blend Bash party will, on average, allow you the opportunity to choose at least TWO items in our catalog absolutely free, a handful at 50% off, and an exclusive opportunity to grab a Host VIP package!

Blend Bashes can be done as a home party if you are local or we can do it as a Facebook party. Either way they are so much fun and you get free and discounted stuff!!! Plus, your friends will LOVE this new way to party, without a doubt! Say GOODBYE to those old, boring, presentation-style demonstrations – let’s have some FUN!

And, if you’re still on the fence about joining the Striped Side, 47% higher sales volume means MORE $$$ in your pocket!! What do you have to lose?! Click the Contact Button to get on the schedule NOW!