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When Direct Sales/Multi-Level Marketing is MORE than a Paycheck!

If you ask most people involved with a direct sales/MLM company why they first decided to purchase their starter kit and jump on board in our industry, chances are you’re going to hear they got started to earn a few extra dollars each month. Another few will maybe say they just loved the products so they wanted a discount.

All of that is a WONDERFUL reason to start! In fact, that’s one of my initial reasons for getting started in my first company over 12 years ago.

Since then, though, I’ve learned that this industry is SO MUCH more than that few extra dollars each month, or than the discount on products you love. Let me break this down a little bit further.

See, having been with Pink Zebra for the last >almost< six years, one of the biggest perks of my job is the family I’ve grown; the friendships. It’s cliche, and 12 years ago I didn’t believe it either. Truly it wasn’t until the last three or four years that I’ve grown to know this fact. Most recently, it’s become apparent as my family moved from New Jersey (where I was born and raised) to North Carolina. A big move like that can be so so scary, right? Well, when you have friends all over the country because of your business, side-hustle, or part-time gig, a BIG move like that has some additional excitement and a little less anxiety because you actually KNOW someone where you’re moving.

I can tell you, without building these friendships, I don’t know how I’d handle such a big change.


In addition to friendship, who doesn’t love a little extra recognition, pat-on-the-back, and a few name-in-lights moments? Now, maybe you currently get this in your current position. I know many teachers that receive a “Teacher of the Year,” designation or small business owners that receive title of “Small Business of the Year,” and those are GREAT perks. But, I also know, I recently watch my own husband “celebrate” his 18 year mark in his current position with not even a “good job,” from his superiors. Now, I don’t know about you, but my heart hurt for him. Sometimes, just knowing someone is rooting for us, can make all the difference, right?

Well, with Pink Zebra, there’s team morale and celebration, there’s company recognition each month in our newsletters for MANY different categories. There are moments we get to shine for promotions, incentives, and so much more and you know it – I get excited and even choked up EVERY single time my name or a team member’s name flashes! It’s exhilarating!


Now, let’s talk about some fun incentives, mainly our Incentive Trips! Each year Pink Zebra rewards us for our work with the opportunity to earn a FREE trip to a new location. Aside from a free laptop, and a $900 product gift, I’ve had the privilege to earn TWO all-expenses paid trips recently! My first one, in 2018, took me and my husband away to Secrets Cap Cana Resort in the Dominican Republic. It was nothing short of amazing and an incredible experience.

In 2019, though, something magical happened! Our incentive trip took my husband and I across the pond to Ireland! This trip was a for sure bucket list trip for my husband, and came just in time to celebrate his milestone 40th birthday. When I tell you being able to provide something so special for him through my business was like a fairytale, it could not be more true. Seeing him smile, celebrate, and enjoy this trip validated my entire direct sales career! Something like this might be your new why in joining our team as our next trip is sailing the Virgin Islands for 8-days!


Lastly, running a direct sales business has undoubtedly helped me grow as a person, gain new confidence, and strive to become a genuine leader. Years ago when I started, I would mock or dismiss the idea that a book or training session could hold any value on what I did/sold. Boy was I wrong! The moment I ACTUALLY started to believe, “maybe I should just give a book a try,” and genuinely listened to the speaker at my first company event, a light bulb came on and changed the game a bit.

I’m a firm believer that YES we can achieve anything our wildest dreams imagine, but first we must set a goal, believe in ourselves, know we are valuable enough to deserve the best, and THEN get to work. Pink Zebra, along with some real-life lessons, has allowed me to grow in ways I’m beyond proud of. Over the years, I’ve grown and led a team across the country and into Canada, I’ve trained in front of groups at our regional Rallies and our Annual Reunion (convention), and I’ve realized that I can achieve the goals I set out to because I don’t limit my success.


I’m hopeful what I shared today helps you on your search for your direct sales journey. I’d love to be able to guide you, or get you started with Pink Zebra! If you’d like more info, be sure to hit the “Contact” button and let’s chat some more! You never know – maybe one of these things are JUST what you need along with a killer commission check!

AND, the best part, RIGHT NOW through September 15, 2019 you can grab one of our amazing Starter Kits for $50 off! Whether you’re in the US or Canada, you can take advantage of this now and start building your empire alongside me and some other fabulous peeps ready to welcome you to the Striped Side!